Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful Heart Day 13 - He is Sovereign

Work got crazy today. Actually, the coming craziness is what scares me. We are currently preparing for HUGE changes, and it will require all hands on deck.

Sitting in my meeting this morning, my head began to spin. How will I finish writing my book and be fully present to help me team here? How will I balance my schedule in the craziness if I'm struggling with that now?

Thank the Lord that He is so Sovereign when my brain skips five steps ahead.

He knows I want to do my best. He knows my desire to please and spend time with those in my life. He knows my heart to write stories that make an impact past my own backyard.

He knows. 

Remembering that brings an incredible measure of peace to my day. One day at a time. Do my best today and let tomorrow and next spring wait until they get here.  He is not the author of chaos or stress. He is the author of peace and good plans. 

My fear stems from my stupid idea that I can somehow fix or control the events. Nope. He will give me strength to meet the needs of today and strength to meet the needs of tomorrow. What an excellent reminder to rest and trust in Him today!

Now back to work.

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