Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful Heart Day 3 - Shoe Boxes

Today, I am thankful for shoe boxes.

More specifically, I am thankful for the incredible privilege to provide Christmas for a child I will never meet. The last few years, I've participated in Operation Christmas Child. You fill a shoebox with suggested goodies for a child in need, and the box is delivered to another country.

After spending time in Haiti, this shopping task had my heart fully engaged today. I kept thinking of the little girls I held - their lack of clothes and toys, the joy on their faces with a simple coloring page, the need for school supplies.

My arms and heart were full as I approached the checkout counter.  My box is overflowing. I just kept thinking about all the things this little girl might need. I pray the Lord uses this box in a special way. I pray it brings a smile and encouragement. I pray that it meets a need for school supplies and toys and a new shirt.

I only wish I could help distribute these gifts!

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