Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breaks the Heart, Baffles the Mind...

Last summer I was asked this question,"What breaks your heart and baffles your mind?" In other words, what's your ache? The question has accomplished the purpose of the one who asked it...it has haunted me.So I seriously asked myself the question and then I made a list of all my "aches." Here they are in no particular order...

-girls that are hurting and seeking attention in negative areas
-guys that are too proud to bow their heart to God
-lack of Christian leadership
-Christians losing sight of their First Love
-a lack of boldness
-how nature screams there is a Creator God and yet people miss His love message to them daily
-hard hearts
-fear to surrender it all
-unloved children
-broken homes
-the broken-hearted
-the confused
-those who are alone

The list could probably go on but these things both break my heart and baffle my mind. But most of all...they stir my passion. I'd like to say that they often instill a righteous anger and that would be partially true, but often my anger in these areas can be ungodly as well. When I looked at this list and realized where the Lord has given me a tender heart, it really pointed me in the direction that I need to be moving as far as my place in the Body of Christ and in ministry. My desire is to see change in these areas in the people in my life; my passion will push me to pursue them, taking the necessary steps to encourage and do what I need to do to see change...even small ones.

So I will ask you the same question that was asked of me...

What breaks your heart and baffles your mind?

I pray it haunts you, brings you to your knees, and causes you to see the areas that the Lord has placed on your heart and may be calling you to make a difference. It's time to be a light. It's time to act on the things the Lord has instilled in YOU. And I pray that you do it for HIS GLORY! That thought alone excites me.

For His glory,