Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5 - Saturdays

Thank the Lord for Saturdays! 

My body needs about two extra Saturdays this week. A year ago, I prayed for friends and everything that comes along with that. Now, I have to say "no" to some of the social time because there is so much of it! I prayed for a job, and now I have one and am swamped. What a blessing! Just goes to show you that the Lord answers prayer above and beyond what we ask for.

But man, my body needs rest.
Bottom line - Saturdays are wonderful...

I'm thankful for time to do what I haven't had time to all week.
I'm thankful for the chance to sit down and watch a football game or movie while I catch up on email.
I'm thankful for no constraints or appointments, although I did have one today.
I'm thankful for time to let my brain unwind and catch up with people or work on fun projects.
I'm thankful for extra sleep.
And today, I am really thankful we get to fall back an hour, which means I gain an hour of sleep in the morning before I get ready for church. Woohoo!

Happy weekend, friends! What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I get can be so full! I am thankful for the extra hour of sleep as well...I really need it to. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I feel as if that hour is a special gift from God to me. :0)

    Enjoy your rest, Kariss! Thanks for linking up!