Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 19 - Chapters

I view every stage of life like a chapter. Some last pages and pages. Others are the length of a few paragraphs. Regardless, each chapter leaves indelible marks that change me forever.

Today, I'm so thankful for these chapters. I often wrestle with change and kick and scream as one chapter closes and another opens, but I never regret the transition. By the time I go to bed tonight, I will have spent time with people from 3 different stages of my life.

I enjoyed a three hour lunch with a friend from Tech. It was so good to see a face from Lubbock here in Dallas. We haven't seen one another for a while, but we didn't miss a beat. I love to see how we have both grown and changed and can't wait to see where the Lord will lead next.

This afternoon, I will spend time with a girl in my Bible study. The Lord brought her into my life a little over a year ago, and He has grown our friendship by leaps and bounds over that time. She has become a confidant, a friend, and source of laughter and fun. She is always an encouragement and believes in me when I don't believe in myself.

Tonight, I will spend time with a childhood friend who has survived all these stages. She is a blessing. She speaks straight, weathers distance, time, and changes, and is a kindred spirit. I'm looking forward to time with her.

Each of these stages has changed me. The people have all been a blessing. I'm thankful for each chapter and am excited to see where the Lord will continue to lead.

What are you thankful for today?

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