Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 20 - Bubba

My 6'4", tight-end-football-sized brother is still my little brother. He tells me people laugh when I introduce him with that adjective. Before my sister arrived to "complete" us, it was just my brother and me.

Mom calls him our gentle giant. He fits the title unless you mess with someone he cares about or treat them with disrespect. He is a defender of the underdog. He is unfailingly patient and pursues an idea wholeheartedly if he is convinced it can work. He is always an encourager.

Once upon a time, I could lay him flat in our wrestling matches. More often than not now, I find myself in the air and then flipped on my back on the couch. Memo to all big sisters out there - one day they will outgrow you.

Toby is determined. He knows what he wants and goes for it. He is unafraid of change and avoids drama at all costs. He is funny and invests in friendships that last. Dad has trained Toby what it looks like to be a man. He steps up to help my mom, my sister, and me with what needs to be done around the house. He gives up his Saturdays to go serve with Dad.

He loves working with youth, and is strong and encouraging with teen guys who are trying to find their way. He has a giving heart, rarely realizing it may leave him in a rough spot.

I love my big, little brother and am so thankful for him today.


  1. He sounds like a wonderful man--what a blessing. I always wished I had a brother. We call my little guy (who is 11) Bubba too. Maybe one day he will be a big bubba like your brother. Great post.

  2. Thank you Kariss, this means alot to me and it is an encouragement to me. I love you too