Friday, September 14, 2012

In a Different Light - Focus

It's time for Five Minute Friday where a flash mob of writers join to write purely for the joy of it and then share our thoughts over at Lisa-Jo's. Today's word?

Technology has bred a kind of ordered chaos. Or maybe people have. Or maybe we have allowed life to run us instead of living life. In any case, it is rarely peaceful.

Until I focus. 

The world seems to run a marathon around me while my brain desperately tries to catch up. Some days feel like a blur of people, colors, projects. Go, go, go.

Until I focus. 

Then the world seems to slow. I can think clearly. Enough to grab onto each person, each project, distinguish each color and live moment by moment, instead of racing to catch up.

I focus my angle from a wide, overwhelming shot of the world, to what I need to do, this day, this moment. I want to bring purpose. Not just keep up with life, but live it. 

But my focus says there is something more. I can see the person close up. A blurred horizon looms behind them. And I remember. I'm not just focusing on this moment. 

I'm building an eternal perspective. 

And all of a sudden that makes everything sharper, crisp. I have clarity. It isn't a rat race, but a race to a finish line where the King is the ultimate prize. It is a race run together, every moment heavy with purpose, every project an opportunity to make a difference, change a life.

My lens is changing. I focus to make the most of a moment. But more than that, I focus to make the most for eternity. It seems I finally found the right angle.


  1. Love this line: "It is a race run together, every moment heavy with purpose, every project an opportunity to make a difference, change a life." It is a race run together - all of us holding hands ... supporting, inspiring, encouraging each other to live life full in HIM. Onward, to the finish line. If we get there together, you can go first.
    So happy I moved in next to you at the FMF community.

  2. Wonderful language. Intertwining of metaphor or life. I love this. Kariss yours has become a favorite place to come to. Reading your words, I find unison in much of my own day-to-day perspective. Ever-changing. Merely attempting this live-fully.

    Thank you for writing. As always. I enjoy greatly. :)

  3. Beautiful said Kariss! That's His daughters, we should ALL be focused on the ultimate prize...our King!;-)