Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crazy Lesson 3: God Redeems Circumstances

Lessons in the midst of crazy...

Lesson 3: The Lord redeems circumstances for good.

For the record, I hate being the guinea pig, but as the first child, I have been the guinea pig all my life. The benefit is that I am getting pretty good at "winging it" and "figuring it out." I basically expect things to be a challenge and rarely go as I plan. Thankfully, I serve a God who somehow works situations out better than I plan.

In the past several months, my community group has experienced a lot of growing pains. I've seen these women grow. The encouragement and challenge are mutual. Lukewarm has turned to on fire.

We've struggled through some tough life circumstances. Struggles with family, questions on why the Lord doesn't intervene, new relationships and ending old ones, two getting married, processing painful pasts. Apparently at the moment we decided to finally be authentic community, a whole bunch of major stuff hit at once. Thank the Lord we have handled it together. But it has been pretty rocky. Lots of miscommunication, lots of DTRs (define the relationship for you older crowd), lots of wrong expectations, lots of opinions, lots of frustration, and lots of good intentions poorly executed.

While I've led the group for the past 2.5 years, I haven't always done a great job. More recently, this group has stepped up to lead me. In this season where I feel like I am falling apart, they dedicated the entire time last week to writing me letters of encouragement, sharing scripture, inviting me to be honest and open, and just listening and seeking to comfort me in the way that loves me best. I'm pretty sure I cried the whole 2 hours.

We have arrived. And yet we have a long way to go. Every week, we learn what it looks like to be a better community. It is rocky and frustrating.

Application: Vulnerability is painful, but it brings freedom and greater bonds. There is value in letting someone else carry our load for a while.  

I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have these women in my life. Too often, I take it for granted.
If the circumstances in my life are the "guinea pig" to help us figure out how to love one another better and communicate truth to one another, then so be it. It just proves beauty comes out of chaotic circumstances.

My community is stronger for it. I'm stronger for it.

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