Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dream Big - Olympic Fever

A champion is built on the hard days when the only thing left to do is push harder.

I don't know about you, but I am definitely dropping this ball. Like the rest of the world, I have developed a severe case of Olympic fever. Seriously, it's bad. I spent the weekend in Missouri with a friend and only watched the Olympics on one night. I know what happened while I was gone, who won medals, and how they did, but I still can't help but watch my DVR and cheer.

They make it look so easy don't they? Gabby Douglas, the all-around women's gymnastic gold medalist soared to new heights on the bars. Michael Phelps set even more records in the pool, and 17-year old, Missy Franklin continues to reject sponsorships so she can swim on her high school team. We fall in love with their stories. We cheer them on to victory.

We forget their sacrifice.

They aren't Olympians because they gave into chocolate cravings on rough days. They didn't win gold because they just didn't feel like working out on vacation, if they took one. They trained and trained and trained, knowing that pay off would come in a short two week time span while the world watched.

As I push forward to my dreams, I hope that this Olympic fever continues. The hard moments will shape me, the failures make me better, the lessons will propel me forward. May I develop the heart of a champion on the hard days so that I can push myself harder on the easy days. I can't see the pay off, but I know it's coming. I just have to keep pushing.

Do you need to push harder today?


  1. Kariss, one of the neat things about getting older is beginning to recognize that those olympic aspirations come true at different times in our lives. Some come early and some late. I watched and was captured by the heartbreaking moments for some of these champions. They are still Olympians but their time has yet to be. In our writing journey we must remember to never, never, never give up. The British gymnist last night is the perfect example. This will be her last Olympics but what a performance and what a reward.

    DiAne Gates

  2. Thank you, Kariss, for the reminder to work hard at this thing called writing. Great insights and very encouraging. Spurred me on.