Thursday, May 10, 2012

Five Minute Friday - Role Play

Time for 5 minute Friday, where I join other writers to stop, drop, and write unedited, purely for the joy of it. Today's word...
The true character of a man is apparent when he does that which he does not want to do in order to become who he has always dreamed of being.

My last three years are a succession of roles I never dreamed I would play.

I HATE teaching. I would rather hang out with kids/ teens and mix in life lessons along the way that are applicable and spark passion and change Who really needs to know the square root of pie or that a circle is just a series of angles all smashed together. However, after a rejection and more redirection than I can count, I donned the role of TEACHER, and, in the process, grew like a weed. It challenged me.

In college, I promised myself that I would NEVER be one of those writers that my college classmates dreamed of being. You know the ones...they live in an awful apartment that smells like feet and starve because they tell themselves that words sustain them more than bread. They don't have time for relationships or people because they are languishing over the next best seller that they just can't seem to finish. Well, I moved home and became one of those freelance writers, writing how-to columns on lawn care and what to buy your valentine. I became that struggling CREATIVE. But, in the process, I found the nerve to finish a book that I can be proud of.

When the the company stopped producing those articles, I went in desperate search of a job. I donned the title of NANNY for a short time after swearing never to work with kids who weren't my own again. This little darling stole my heart all while driving me crazy as she teethed  and learned to walk. And during this, the Lord continued to teach me to wait.

In the middle of the role changes, I discovered my identity is not determined by what I do, but by how I react to what I must do so that I can someday be who I want to be. I am an ever-changing, always growing person. I am Kariss LaRee Lynch - believer in Christ, sometimes too passionate, loyal to a fault, defender of the underdog, ice cream lover, book worm, lover of nature, just trying to be obedient to where the Lord leads.
My identity is who God made me, quirks and all. After 3 years of trying to find my identity in position, I know my identity is in Christ.

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  1. I love this! I'm walking a similar journey. It's kind of funny that so many writers spend so much time with kids - I'm an aspiring writer myself, and every job I've ever had is in education. Praying our next jobs are all about the writing!

  2. I can so relate, in continuing to find this everlasting identity!  We are blessed!

    If you stop by my blog, be sure to join in my Mother's Day locket giveaway! :)

  3. So all our changing roles and seasons, He is our sure constant! So beautiful. Nice meeting you.

  4. Oh, great 5 minute write, Kariss! "my identity is not determined by what I do, but by how I react to what I must do" love true.
    Grateful to know both our identities are in Christ. . . I wouldn't have it any other way!
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. Always His hand is at work!  Thoroughly enjoyed your 5 minute Friday today, thank you

  6. Enjoyed your post, Kariss. Like you, my identity is in Christ, whatever I do, wherever I go. It makes life much easier and more fulfilling when it's all about Him and done through Him. Please visit my blog at Thanks for sharing. Jeanne