Friday, May 24, 2013

Bird's-Eye View

Joining with other writers at Lisa-Jo's today to talk about...

My sight is limited from the airport terminal. The person in front of me sipping Starbucks as we wait to board the plane. The mom juggling a toddler, stroller, and too little sleep. My eyes burn from several nights spent talking, laughing, and finishing last minute wedding details for my friends' wedding. My brain is fuzzy, and all I know is I'm headed back.

Back to the big city, to my busy job, to a packed schedule, to more friends and family, to a pending move. My lungs constrict. Too much on too little sleep.

We board the plane and zip down the runway, Missouri tipping beneath me from the window. I watch the green hills and trees, the Arch, and a weekend full of memories slip into the past as we climb higher. My view is no longer limited. It stretches before me, all the way back to Texas, and I breath a little easier.

It's the difference in my human, tired perspective and God's grand design, so intricate and finite in detail that I can't clearly see it until I rise above the everyday and catch a small glimpse of the master plan. Breath. Just breath. I remember God's got this from my bird's-eye view. He knows the plans He has for me (Romans 8:28). I settle back in my seat and relax as the morning sky scrolls past.


  1. LOVE this - yes, Kariss! He's got it! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding - you will be a beautiful bride. Keep writing!!!

  2. Hey Natalie! Thanks for reading! It was actually for a friend's wedding and she definitely made a beautiful bride. :) Have a great Friday!

  3. I often forget how much more comprehensive His view is than mine! Have a blessed weekend.