Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Silent Vigil

Family Christmas’ in Chama, NM

Peering out the window, the glass
foggy from my breath, I spot
the peaks of the San Juan Mountains
in the distance, shrouded by
a wintry haze. Cottonwoods

stretch their branches in
the field across the cement
lot. I follow the icy
tufts as they fall, twirling

and fluttering to thicken
the frosty blanket covering
the ground where
crunching leaves no longer

sound. Fire toasting my back
begs to melt the ground
outside the window, smeared
from my fingers clearing the

view. Outside, my wooden friends
bend and shudder under the
imposing burden of snowflakes

and ice. Their bark, dry and cracked,
reaches upward, clawing,
begging, pleading, praying for relief,
warmth, and for budding blossoms
to form a green shaggy

mane on barren limbs. What diligence
it must take to praise their Creator
unconditionally, arms stretched
upwards towards an ivory
dusted sky.

Written January 27, 2009

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