Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Word of the Year

One word can change the course of a person's life. By definition, this change requires dedication, commitment, and a strength derived from a source greater than ourselves.

I once heard that "Growing is not being satisfied, but to always be pushing yourself." I would amend that slightly. I would say that I am content with who I am, but I am not satisfied or content to remain there. A new year means a fresh opportunity to change and grow. My word for 2012 was COURAGE. This year, I want to build on what the Lord showed me last year. For 2013, my word is...

...each moment and opportunity.
... the ability to celebrate a ton of weddings with close friends this year.
... celebrate God's goodness, even when I don't understand circumstance.
... time with my family.
... the ability to go, do, and be.
... every new person, place, and opportunity.
... the process of writing a new book.
... the time to rest and the time to be busy.
... the growing pains at work.
... each season as an opportunity to do fun things with my community group.
... each new relationship.
... every opportunity to serve and love others.
... a growing relationship with the Lord.
... every opportunity to make a difference or influence.
... the chance to slow down and enjoy life.
... laughter, love, and living life to the full as the Lord called us to.
In 2012, the Lord began to show me what it looks like to live abundantly and make the most of every opportunity. I want to put that lesson into practice in 2013. I am so incredibly excited for this year. I have a huge tendency to always look for the next thing. I stay busy and rush and see how quickly I can accomplish something and move on to the next latest and greatest challenge. Part of that is who I am. Part of it needs to change.

I want to take time to "stop and smell the roses" as my mom says. I don't want to miss the joys of this year. God is so good, and He calls His people to have a heart of praise. I lose track of that fact in my busyness. This year looks like it will be one of the craziest of my life, but I'm ready for it.

Bring it on 2013! Let the adventure begin.


  1. Love the word "Savor". Sophisticated. Simple. A trait I will have to cultivate because I am always rushing around!

  2. Join the club! I'll learn the lesson with you!