Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dream Big - Life Motto

You see these lists everywhere. Live, love, life. Dream, believe, achieve. You get the picture. They tend to get a little cheesy and cliche. But I have to be honest, I learned the value of making my own. In one of my classes, my study challenged me to choose a life motto - goals to strive for, an identity. 

So, in no particular order, this is my list. I'm not who I want to be yet, but I'm not where I used to be. I'm surrounded by people who challenge and encourage. One of these days, I'll have these down. Maybe.
Dream Passionately
Crave Adventure
Hope Eternally
Love Deeply
Live Abundantly
Lead Humbly
Serve Whole-Heartedly
Laugh Freely
Believe Completely
Follow Devotedly
Grow Consistently

“To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent people,and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics; and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one’s self; to leave the world a little better,whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived . . this is to have succeeded.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 
What does your life say about you? What would you like it to say?

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