Thursday, July 26, 2012

Live Inspired - Dive In

I love the water. I literally can't get enough. I've been a fish-out-of-water since I was 4.

If you've read any of my posts the last few months, you know that I'm a world-class klutz. But in the water, grace truly defines me (well, unless I'm in a life vest, and then that's a different story).

The ocean is one of my many muses. It is so powerful, so scary, and so intriguing all at the same time. I could sit and watch the waves forever. In and out, in and out. They build and then tumble over, foamy and bubbly as they glide onto the sand.

In Haiti, it didn't matter how deep I swam, I could always see my feet. Clean, pure. Refreshing. Sunlight reflected off the glassy blue, heating my face. Jelly fish slowly pulsed by. I know what's in the ocean. I know it can be a dangerous monster. I know that the same waves that cocoon and refresh me could easily drown me. But, my fear is rooted in reality. It never cripples me. I embrace the waves.

I think the Lord is a lot like the ocean - powerful, a source of refreshment and beauty, unpredictable. But, He is also to be feared. If He breathed life into my lungs, He can take it away in His time.

So, I'm writing and dreaming of the ocean today. For some reason, God decided to place this fish-out-of-water in the middle of the iron jungle that is Dallas, Texas. I guess He has a plan for me here. I'll just pretend the waves are rolling outside my cozy, little office.

What inspires you today?

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