Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lespwa Means Hope - Haiti 2012

People have constantly asked me about the condition of Haiti since the earthquake. There are still patches of rubble, still a lack of homes, food, and shelter, but the condition is hopeful. God isn't done in this place. In fact, I constantly heard stories of people coming to know the Lord or coming back to church after the earthquake. The Lord used something disastrous to draw the eyes of the world to a country that not only needs help but needs Him. Haiti now has HOPE, and I can't wait to see what God does.

Enjoy some of the pictures and stories from my trip. I borrowed most of these pictures from my teammates.

I met these 2 little girls in a village up in the mountains. We walked down the street singing "Wi Bondye bon" - Yes, God is good. These people understand that the Lord is their Provider and are very dependent on Him. I pray these girls grow up to know they are daughters of the King.

This woman knew abuse, abandonment, and rejection. My heart literally broke for her, and I found my eyes welling with tears as she shared her story. She was one of the first people we talked to on the trip.

We couldn't stress enough that the Lord is her Provider and loves her so much. Laura did a great job sharing the gospel with her. My heart went out to her and other women like her. She will forever stay in my memory.

Michael, Emily, and I made a great trio as we knocked out the dishes one night after dinner at Mission of Hope (MOH). The rest of the team pitched in drying, cleaning up, and acting as comic relief. It was important to our team that we not only loved the Haitians well, but that we also loved the missionaries at MOH and the other teams well. We diligently looked for opportunities to serve and love them to show our appreciation and respect for their sacrifice. They are amazing, and God is using them greatly in this country!

My team was AMAZING. They humbled, challenged, and encouraged me. I truly saw Jesus in the way they interacted with the Haitians, with others at MOH, and with those on the team. They were quick to serve, quick to listen, quick to encourage, quick to seek forgiveness, and quick to love unconditionally.

I LOVED rooming with these Godly women this week. They were a source of laughter and encouragement. We saw a lot and experienced a lot, but they were always available to point me to the Lord as I struggled to process and asked questions. So thankful for them.

This little man found me every time I walked in the toddler room. He didn't always like to be held, but he and his twin loved attention and had a fascination with their tiny flip flops. With so many orphans in Haiti, I'm so thankful that this guy has the privilege to grow up at MOH with people that will love him and teach him about Jesus. I miss seeing him every day.
We ended every day on top of the Banana with a clear and stretching view of the Haitian countryside and an expansive sky. It was our time to cry, laugh, question, encourage, and pray after a long day of ministry. It was a time to recharge. During these times, we grew closer as a team and closer to the Lord. I was delighted to see that our time in country has spilled over into our relationships here at home.

Our team wore these bracelets all week, compliments of Meera, as a tool to share the gospel. We took the gospel to Haiti and left it there with them. I pray it truly does change hearts.
Meet Ylona, a very talkative older woman with a heart of gold and a love for Jesus. She lives in this shed, and when she saw us coming she welcomed us with open arms, pulling out every chair so we could sit. We had to talk her out of sitting on the ground. Everywhere we went, these people welcomed us. Our translators always encouraged us to make ourselves at home. Ylona trusted the Lord as a result of the earthquake. She said Americans came and treated her sickness and told her about Jesus. She has followed the "best way" since and never wants to go back to the "old way." What a beautiful picture of beauty in brokenness!

More pictures and stories coming soon!


  1. Great photos and a great blog! Your mission trip makes your novel so much more meaningful. 

  2. Thanks, DiAnn! It will definitely make several scenes come alive.