Monday, June 18, 2012

Dream Big - What is your Vision?

"What is your vision for Haiti?" His heavily accented voice pierced me. How to answer this lanky 18-year-old? How to cure the longing in his voice? Young, eager, passionate, and, as I was told later, intent on finding an American wife, this Haitian teen's question sent my mind spinning.

Photo credit Chisty Chermak
My answer was vague and not to his satisfaction, but I couldn't answer with brutal honesty. I would love every child to have food, every single mother to have a provider, ever family to know Jesus, every man to have a job to provide for his family. I have big dreams for the people of Haiti, but my answer wasn't  what he needed to hear.

"It doesn't matter what my vision is for Haiti. What is your vision?" I asked him.

Education. Economic growth. Life improvement. He knew what his country needed because he is part of it. But how to make it happen? This kid is teaching himself English. His accent is more polished than the teens around him, his spelling and penmanship impeccable, his desire to learn outstanding.

His question is one we should ask ourselves as we pursue our dreams. I pray mine is as unselfish as this young man's. When people ask us for our vision, our direction, it should never catch us off guard. We should know it intimately because it is hardwired into us by the One who created us. We may not know the specific details, we may not see the whole picture, but we know what needs to take place to get us from point A to victory.

If your vision is self-centered, it will be meaningless. This teen's vision is BIG. If it comes to fruition, his entire country stands to gain, not just him. Shame on us if we don't think about how we can improve the lives of others through the vision the Lord has given each of us. You have a purpose! You matter!

So, I'll ask you the same question that this young man asked me, and I pray it haunts you and drives you to action... What is your vision? What are you doing to make it a reality? 

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