Friday, January 13, 2012

Awake and Dreaming

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I glance at the clock every hour, every minute it seems. One AM. No, two. No, three. My brain sprints a hundred miles an hour with to-do lists, goals, events of the day, and ideas ideas ideas for stories. I wish there was an off switch. I wish it would shut up.

I pray for sleep.

My phone is silent, sleeping, and I wonder what friends are still awake. Then, I remember. My Lord never slumbers or sleeps. He doesn't grow weary. He knows the thoughts racing through my mind. And only He can grant peace.

So, I talk to Him. I dream big. I lay out my fears, faults, and failures. I share my hopes, dreams, and desires.

And slowly, my mind unwinds. The finish line nears, and my eyes begin to droop.

In my final moments of consciousness, I pray for the strength and courage to do in the daylight what I dream of in the night watches when I lay awake in the darkness and nothing seems impossible.


  1. Oh Kariss - what beauty in words! "So, I talk to Him. I dream big. I lay out my fears, faults, and failures. I share my hopes, dreams, and desires. " I love how you shared your heart this way.
    Do you want to know a not-so-surprising secret? Many nights, I've fidgeted, flipped and have lay exasperatedly awake - with these same thoughts. Frustration, exhaustion. And the only thing that gives me peace time and time again, is surrendering the fight and just TALKING to Him. He IS always there. Waiting for my voice to rise up, to call His name. I realize I don't need eloquence, I just need to see Him. To acknowledge He who wants to hear me, to give me rest, to watch over.
    Your words reminded me of this. Your vulnerability and wisdom in sharing - opens that up. Thank you for being a voice. You say so much in a few sentences (I wish I could do you can see I can be a little long-winded if I'm not careful!).

    :) So, I'll leave by saying nice to "meet" you. Have a wonderful day, and may you sleep sweetly tonight knowing He is keeping you.
    (P.S. I'm a Texas girl too!! Whoo!)

  2. "...when I lay awake in the darkness and nothing seems impossible." Loved this so much.

    I pray that sleep comes to you easier tonight, but it's wonderful that you had a night talking to God. Sometimes it's the unexpected quiet time that is the best time of all.

  3. Oh, Kariss...been there, tossing and turning at night...loved that you took that time to talk to God and to dream are an example to me : ) May God grant your prayer to do all that you've dreamed with Him...such a wonderful prayer.

  4. I have to do that a lot to. Pray my thought and worries away in order to get to sleep.