Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Life Lessons

I love the spring. I love the new life that is associated with this time of year...everything is green in Texas, the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush are blooming and thriving, the birds are coming out, flowers are on the trees, and the rain comes to refresh and make everything new.

Just like the seeds that people plant in their gardens must take root to bloom, the Lord has been planting little seeds in my life lately. The more I meditate on them, the more they become a part of who I am, changing me and morphing me more into a new creation in Christ. I hope they plant seeds in your heart that the Lord may use. After all, I may be the one living the story but the King of Kings is the Author and ultimately it is His story to use for His glory, not mine.

A couple of posts ago, I compared myself to the doubters in the Bible. That is still true of me but the Lord has begun to remind me just who He is in the midst of all that, and here is what He has taught me.

1) There is power in unanswered prayer.
It isn't a lack of God's movement but rather a powerful and better push in a different direction because He has my best interest at heart.

2) Look to see the daily miracles.
We often say the Lord doesn't do miracles in the same way anymore, but the truth may be that we have stopped asking for them or we ask and then don't look. There is rarely a huge unveiling although He does that, too. But I have noticed tiny miracles and answers to prayer more so since I have asked the Lord to show me the miracles that He is performing daily on my behalf. It makes me more thankful and more aware of how awesome He is.

3) He who has called me is faithful.
There is not one promise from Genesis to Revelation that He has not been faithful to answer or is in the process of answering. Nahum 1:7 says that He is good. Other passages say He is faithful and desires to show loving kindness to the righteous. My doubt doesn't change who He is or what He has promised.

4)There is a joy, peace, and deep contentment that comes from being still.
I cannot explain the peace and joy that came when I stopped filling out a million applications and made the decision to be still. Don't get me wrong, I have not given up trying, but when stress, doubt, and frustration were becoming my primary reactions to a career I feel the Lord has called me to, it is time to be still and see what He will do and listen and watch for doors He may open. It's time for a heart check and a time to rest.

5)He is my daily Provider.
Being a substitute teacher has taught me A LOT this year. One being that I have great respect for teachers but the Lord did NOT call me to be one. Every day, I had to trust and pray that the Lord would provide a job for tomorrow. So this has become my prayer over the last months..."Give me this day my daily bread." It is from the Lord's prayer when the Lord is teaching the disciples how to pray. It reminded me daily that the Lord is my Provider, just like He was for the children of Israel when they wandered in the desert. He provided manna and quail for the day and then asked them to trust Him for the next day.

6)The Lord delights in me.
He disciplines me, tests me, allows me to struggle, gives me daily miracles, and chooses not to answer my prayers all for this reason....He DELIGHTS in me. Does that not make you feel TREASURED?!Not only did the God of the Universe choose to make you in His own image, but He says that He delights in you. Psalm 37:23 says,"The steps of a man are established by the Lord and He delights in his way."

Rest in these amazing promises today. They are not tailor fit to me but demonstrate the character of our God and His desires for you.

In Him,

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