Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When I was younger, my mom would sing that old hymn with us as a reminder to "count your blessings, name them one by one, count your many blessings, see what God has done." It is past time that I counted my blessings. It is so easy for me to be consumed by the many changes in my life that are challenging and scary. It is easy to focus on them and forget to look and see what God is doing in the small, seemingly insignificant, intimate moments of my life. But as I have challenged my sophomore Endeavor leaders that God has given me the daunting, blessed task of leading this year...I am looking to see how God is leading, teaching, molding, and blessing in the small moments....

-my family is amazing, they love the Lord and love one another, they encourage and push me

-my Alpha family and friends from Focus all over the country are my constant source of encouragement, love and prayer

-I have started the Truth project with an amazing group of older leaders from my college group...they are already challenging and blessing me with a support system here in Lubbock and greatly desire to see God transform them and our world

-new job starts tomorrow! I have the amazing opportunity to be a light to kids all over Lubbock who need Jesus as I start substitute teaching

-my roommate has been an answer to pray. It is a blessing to see her smile and see her sweet spirit for the Lord.

-God has seen fit to give me the task of leading the sophomore Endeavor leaders at FBC and teach them how to lead. They passion to reach freshmen is infectious, and I pray I can pass the role off to them to lead this college group in the coming years.

-I have been blessed with a like-mind and kindred Spirit in Courtney, a new friend with a beautiful heart for her husband, her friends and family, and God's people

-I have amazing friends who have stuck for years that constantly remind me of God's faithfulness and goodness to give me something of the familiar in my new stage of life

-I have begun a new study through the gospels and I truly cannot wait to see what God desires to teach me about His very nature and about holiness.

-I serve a God who never changes and He promises to walk with me every step through this process. He has given me peace and joy in place of the stress and is my constant companion even when I feel all alone.


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