Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dream Big - Are You Ready to Jump?

My feet search for firm footing on the slick steps, winding higher and higher - the blue above growing ever closer than the blue below. Too late to turn back. My heart pounds against my ribs, and my palms slide on the wet rails. I'm certain the kid behind me can hear my erratic pulse, beating like a drum cadence.

My turn.

One foot in front of the other, I step out onto the board. It moves beneath my feet, humming and shifting, sensing my every move. I tiptoe to the edge, the rough sandpaper board scratching my tender feet. The water is far below, the bottom of the 10ft deep floor even farther.

Impossible. "Are you ready to jump?" the lifeguard calls.

Taking the leap to reach our dreams isn't all that different from the first time we jump from the high board. Our dreams seem unreachable, intimidating, yet appealing - a challenge we can't deny, a possibility because we've seen others jump to their dreams.

So why don't we?

In my new job, I have the privilege of working with men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving others. Recently, I interviewed the newest addition to our staff. Out of everything he shared with me, one thing stood out the most:

When we pray God-sized prayers, they often lead to God-sized dreams, which almost always take us to a God-sized ledge.

With a deep breath, I jumped, stretching my body over the beckoning water below. My reward?

A watery cushion and blossoming sense of accomplishment. I did it!

So, you know what I did next?

I jumped again and again and again. Each time, my stomach caught looking over the edge, but the end was always worth it.

Jesus will never take you where He won't go before you. He is the Shepherd who goes before His sheep. He doesn't promise smooth waters, and He doesn't guarantee fulfillment of our dreams the way we planned. They are always risky, and they always cost us something. Do you trust Him? Can see you trust that the reward is greater than your fear?

Big prayers lead to big dreams which leads to a God-sized ledge.

Are you ready to jump?


  1. Love this post. I'm hanging off a ledge right now--it's scary. :)

  2. Great post, Kariss. Diving into His dream is wonderful and I love the way He leads and guides. My part is to trust and step out in faith.

  3. Kariss, I'm standing at a new edge. I keep thinking, "I'm too old for this." Wondering if I heard Him right. I know I did, but still.... Last week I jumped. The "jump" will fill a year. What will it hold? The "water" where I'm headed is all new to me. I'm not sure what's going to happen, only that He's jumping with me! Yeah!

  4. I love the analogy. I struggle at times to "jump in again." When He has proven Himself faithful, I should never hesitate to get out and jump again. Thank you for the insight and inspiration!