Friday, December 9, 2011

5 Minute Friday - Color

Here's the challenge: Every Friday, I join with other writers to write for 5 bold, beautiful minutes. No editing, no overthinking, no backtracking. The theme today? Color. I can think of no better example than my night hike up Pike's Peak to watch the sunrise. Ready?

The sky was black as ink with the most brilliant pinpricks of light embedded in deep shades of purple.

The end was near.

We rounded the peak and stopped to take in our victory. I doubled over, hands on my knees. I made it. Sunrise was near. The town below us was awash in the glow of light - orange, yellow, white. Just enough to invade the darkness of night. The stars disappeared, and then from the black horizon appeared the deepest crimson.

Blood red.
The tiniest sliver of red crested, shimmering in the morning light, shooting a firework of color onto the rest of the blank canvas. I held my breath. Never had I seen colors so beautiful. They are the colors artists pray to imitate and desperately fail to capture. They are from the original Painter, and nothing else comes close to their brilliance. As the glowing red orb rose higher and higher, orange, pink, and yellow shot into the sky, smearing under the brush strokes of a Master Artist.

I watched it all from my seat on the cold cap rock, dirty, white snow off to my left. Silence adorned our tiny group. It was a new morning, and the blue sky emerging from the depths of red appeared all the more beautiful.


  1. pike's peak was one of my favorite spots when I lived in Colorado. I was never unsure of God's presence when I was there. You captured its beauty.

  2. wow. these pics are insane! I love how you seriously could be on the african plain they are so clear and vivid.

    not only a budding writer but an extremely articulate and amazing one. plus photography to boot! go you! and isn't it awesome that THIS is the God we serve...HE MADE that!


    i climbed Pike's Peak with my then-boyfriend when i was 17 and participating in a session at SUMMIT. i still remember that day -- for all the bad things that happened that year with that boy and the life i lead now so far far far away from that boy -- that day is forever in my mind.

    because it was BEAUTIFUL.

  4. Beautiful description! No one does color quite like the Author of it all, everything else is an imitation, a dream attempting to be captured! Visiting from Five Minute Friday.

  5. Thank you all for the comments! I love that this is the God we serve. Enjoyed linking up with you!