Thursday, September 8, 2011

Discovering the Courage of William Wallace

Imagine a massive group of people from different faiths, families, cultures, backgrounds, states, and countries. They have little in common, have never spoken, but they are united in their gathering. If you have ever attended a football game, then you understand this concept. During games in college, it didn't matter if I had never spoken to the person next to me. We were bonded and could celebrate every good play together because of our love for our school, our team. We were connected because of something bigger than ourselves.

I recently returned from a trip to Scotland. I knew a little of the history before I left, but history truly comes alive when you stand in the places where it was lived. My grandmother is Scottish, and my cousin and I made it our personal quest to discover the history of our clan, the Chisholms, while there. So, we visited the Culloden Battlefields. On these fields, the Scottish tribes united against the British to fight for freedom. Imagine William Wallace in Braveheart and you'll get the picture. The Scottish are very proud of their heritage, and this battlefield is a memorial to those who willingly fought and lost their lives. But here's the cool thing: The Scottish were pretty violent back in the day, and the tribes warred against one another. They could not get along. So, for them to unite under a common flag to fight against the British was a big deal.

A belief in freedom, in country, in a people group bound the Scottish tribes together and made them strong. In the same way, a belief in something bigger than ourselves bound a group of Dallas young adults together this past weekend and made them strong. We gained a new perspective and a new purpose.

Imagine if the Scottish tribes had never united. In Braveheart, one man made the difference. He inspired the masses, cooled tempers, and united enemies in a common cause - one more important than any individual. Over Labor Day, One Man also united a group of 700 twenty and thirty somethings. Many didn't know a soul before embarking on the trip to east Texas, but hearts were knit, friendships formed, and faith grown. I truly believe, this group of Dallas young adults have the potential to change their city. Why? Jesus Christ was the unifying bond. His message of love and salvation crosses cultures, beliefs, denominations, and controversy.

He is big enough to unify a group of strangers. His message changes hearts. This belief is stronger than the bond uniting ecstatic fans and deeper than the ties of Scottish blood. There is something that exists that is bigger than you and me. His name is Jesus and He is Healer, Father, Friend, Counselor, Comforter, Judge. And He loves you! When you choose to follow Him, you are immediately adopted into an eternal family. With Him, you will ultimately never lose. And you NEVER fight alone. The courage of William Wallace was rooted in his desire for freedom and his trust in the men fighting with him. Where does your courage lie? There is a Father and family waiting for you to join their team. Will you trust Him?

"Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common." Acts 4:32

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  1. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers(and sisters) in Christ! Thank you for this inspiring post.