Thursday, November 26, 2009


Heritage is a big deal to me. I spent Tuesday driving home from Lubbock to Dallas and looking at the beautiful West Texas country...the cotton fields, open spaces, oil rigs, small country churches, and other words the life blood and history of this land. As I have taught in classes preparing for Thanksgiving, I have been reminded of the rich heritage I have as an American. No matter how much historical revisionism exists, no matter how much politicians try to say otherwise, the roots of this nation lie with people who desired to worship God freely and walked by faith and not by sight in crossing the ocean and starting over. So today, like so many bloggers, I reflect and thank the Lord for what He has allowed me to experience and the family and friends He has chosen to bless me with.

-An amazing family, Godly parents who push me to love the Lord, and serve Him wholeheartedly. Both sides of my family have and continue to instill me with the values and morals that have shaped who I am today.-Courtney and Clinton are awesome examples of what a Godly marriage should look like
-My cousins and best friends

-my Alpha family from this summer. The Lord radically changed my life and I am so thankful for not only these amazing new friends who I constantly run to but the new peace and attitude the Lord has instilled in me this year.

-My roommates from this summer...Ashley, Brittany, and Rachel. Love these girls
-Never underestimate the bonds of community when the Lord is involved
-My Nebraska best sweet girl with an amazing heart for the Lord
-The guys showed me what a guy pursuing the Lord and learning to lead should look like.
-thankful for sunsets that are gorgeous.
-this country that I am blessed to live in.
-the passions, dreams, and desires that the Lord has placed on my heart. -
SALVATION. This one should be first. My Lord is strong, mighty to save, loving, and gentle
-and so so so much more.

Take time to thank the Lord specifically for the things in your life that you know you couldn't live without. These things, these people are my heritage from the Lord and for these I am so thankful and so humbled.


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